Somatrox HGH Somatrox HGH Somatrox HGH Somatrox HGH
Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Somatrox HGH

270.00 USD

Manufacturer: Zerox Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Somatropin (rDNA origin) 10iu
Pack: 10 vials 10 iu/vial, 10 amps bac water

Somatrox HGH Detailed

All you needed to explore about Somatrox HGH

Somatrox HGH is regarded as such an essential growth hormone which is mostly recommended for professional athletes and bodybuilders. This product happens to have huge demand among these professional individuals. This high quality and affordable product has unique functions and benefits that make it popular out there.

This synthetic product is almost similar to that of natural hormone somatropin which is produced in pituitary gland. Despite having almost same and similar composition, this product is obtained in laboratories.

Functions and benefits

This product is known to be responsible for effective growth of inert tissue and muscle in human body. If some individual lacks natural Somatropin in sufficient amount, then he/she may develop dysfunction issues in body. In such circumstance, this product is heavily recommended for all the right reasons. In this regard, this product is also prescribed for children. Most of the children that suffer from growth hormone deficiency are likely to be recommended to use this product for the most benefits.

Professional athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use this product for its fat burning and muscle enhancing feature. As compared to the other similar products available in the market, this product does not have any kind of side effects if you can use it in proper manner as per your doctor’s recommendation. Individual tolerance for this drug could be different in different circumstance. It is of utmost importance for you to visit a professional and expert doctor before you start using Somatrox HGH.

What Somatrox HGH does to your body?

  • It effectively accelerates anabolic creation to grown your muscle to its fullest.
  • Moreover, it also stimulates anti-catabolic effect on cells of body that properly inhibits destruction of body muscles.
  • It is also great for fat burning in your body.
  • You get to have additional energy to increase your performance after using this product.
  • It is likely to promote fast and rapid healing process in the best way possible.
  • It helps your body rejuvenate to the fullest.
  • It is also likely to strengthen bones, joints and ligaments.
  • Your blood glucose levels are increased.
  • Immune system is enhanced to a great extent.

Dosage and application

The dosage is to be different for different people depending on body tolerance and treatment purpose. The normal course of Somatrox HGH is supposed to be maintained for 3 months in order to reap its benefits to the fullest. There are professional athletes and bodybuilders that adhere to a 3-6 month course of this product to maximize its impacts.

Daily dose of this drug should be divided into two different doses and during first 2-3 weeks it should not exceed by more than 5 units. It is always known to be best to stick to normal course and dose of this product. You should not overdose on it no matter what. If you do, then you are to experience the negative effects and impacts. In case you have any severe illness, you should let your doctor know about it beforehand.

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