Omnitrope 15iu
Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Omnitrope 15iu

160.00 USD

Manufacturer: Sandoz GmbH, Austria
Substance: Somatropine
Pack: 1 Injection Cartridge of 15 I.U. (5 MG)

Omnitrope 15iu Detailed

Why do you need to buy Omnitrope?

Omnitrope is considered to fall in a specific segment of medications known as growth stimulants. This drug is such a synthetic growth hormone that has several perks and benefits in both children and adult alike. You really need to buy Omnitrope to reap its benefits and advantages to the fullest.


This drug or product is certainly likely to have plenty of benefits and functions to start with. Few of its benefits are described below.

  • It treats growth hormone deficiency among children

This product is known to effectively replace growth hormone in those children that are not normally able to produce in sufficient amount. Moreover, this product is also great in promoting growth in the children that were born small or quite smaller than their peers. On the other hand, it is also useful for the children that are suffering from issues like Turner syndrome.

  • It is effective for adults with growth hormone deficiency too

Apart from children, this product is also known to be very effective in treating growth hormone deficiency issue in adult individuals. This issue in adult people may happen due to some trauma, hypothalamic disease, radiation, surgery or pituitary disease.

Moreover, this drug can also be prescribed for muscle and bone growth in professional bodybuilders and athletes. This is the reason so many professional people decide to buy Omnitrope product in some way or other.

Other aspects

This medication is normally available in different brand names or forms. You may not find a specific brand name for this product in the market. Few forms of this product may not be suitable for all kinds of conditions out there.

It is to be quite unwise to take this product by those individuals that have several pre-existing issues like cancer, kidney damage, heart conditions or any kind of terminal diseases. Moreover, you are always advised to consult a professional doctor to know whether you are supposed to take this product or not. In case the expert doctor recommends you to stay away from it, then you should do it otherwise you might face serious side effects or negative impacts to say the least.

Available forms of this product

This product is basically available in different forms to start with. The most common form is vial that generally contains 5.8 mg of somatropin as the main ingredient in this solution. On the other hand, there are pen cartridges that are available in different amount. You are supposed to buy any of these forms of product as per your convenience.

How to use Omnitrope?

Once you decide to buy Omnitrope, then you should know the right ways and means to use this product. First of all, your doctor should prescribed you whether you need to take this product or not. Moreover, the dosage, frequency and amount are also required to be fixed by your doctor. The recommended dose is to depend on body weight and treatment of the person. You should always stick to proper dosage and frequency of using this product to get the best of it. 

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