Norditropin 15iu (5mg) - Somatropin - Simplex Novonordisk, Turkey
Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Norditropin 15iu (5mg)

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Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Pack: 1 vial 15 iu


A thinner waist, stronger bones, better-developed muscles are all benefits of losing weight. Growth hormone seems to have beneficial impacts on a variety of bodily functions. However, there is not enough research to be able to suggest it as an anti-aging therapy at this time. Let’s see what boosters like Norditropin 15iu offer.

The aging process is accompanied by a decrease in the production of a large number of hormones that occur more or less abruptly. The most common example is estrogen, which is depleted throughout the menopausal period. However, additional chemicals must be considered, including growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland. The decline in this hormone, according to several studies, is linked with a reduction in muscle mass and strength, an increase in fat mass, a reduction in overall quality of life, and even sleep disturbances. It's a tempting idea to try to make up for this shortfall in the hopes of eliminating the different effects of growing older. Despite this, it is still essential to show that restoring his hormone levels to those of his 20s is sufficient to form a more youthful physique. Choosing Norditropin 15iu happens to be quite helpful here.

Increasing the number of forces

Is it the growth hormone or the youth hormone?

Several studies have shown the beneficial benefits that such a therapy may have on patients. Growing evidence suggests that growth hormone may help individuals heal from femur neck fractures, but only in those over 75 years old, according to a recent Dutch study1. After 24 weeks, 93.8 percent of patients treated with growth hormone were able to return to their previous living circumstances, compared to just 75 percent of patients given a placebo, according to the findings.

Additionally, research two conducted in elderly individuals receiving hemodialysis due to renal insufficiency found that therapy with growth hormone improves the nutritional status of patients and their muscular strength, which is significant for these people who are frequently in poor general health. Other evidence points in the same direction, leading to the conclusion that therapy with growth hormone is beneficial, but only in ill individuals, as previously stated. Here comes Norditropin 15iu with the best choices.

Reactions that are not desirable

What about individuals who are in good health? Studies on this topic are considerably more scarce and conflicting than they are on other subjects. Japanese researchers discovered that growth hormone improves bone density and muscular strength in postmenopausal women while simultaneously decreasing belly fat 4. However, only eight women are included in this research. There was also some swelling and joint discomfort throughout the course of the therapy, which was expected.


An American research 5, in which the effects of growth hormone were evaluated on 13 old, malnourished males, similarly observed the same adverse side effects 5. During the transition from sitting to standing and the development of edema, a decrease in blood pressure was noted, which is a significant consequence that may result in falls. As a result, the authors advise care while also pointing out that excessive dosages of the drug may have caused this low tolerance.

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